the stop to all the Italian races scheduled until April 3rd due to the Coronavirus pandemic

The blue jersey of the Italian national team has always been an honor to wear, and above all it’s a honor to enhance it with the utmost commitment and respect. Marco Tizza would have been definitely ready to face this important challenge at the GP Larciano. Unfortunately, the stop to all the Italian races scheduled until April 3rd due to the Coronavirus pandemic has thwarted this beautiful opportunity.
Health, however, must be protected and above all it must always be placed in front of everything. So, even if there is a little regret for this missed opportunity for reasons of majeure forces, also AMORE & VITA – PRODIR, have chosen to stop from the competitive activity at least until March 21, the day in which probably (but everything will depend by the evolution of the Convid-19 situation) the team will take part in Slovenia at the GP Slovenian Istria.

“We were thrilled to see Tizza committed with the Italian national team in Larciano. Tizza is in excellent condition and he was even better than the Laigueglia Trophy (where he had been protagonist and accomplished a good 8th place). So I’m pretty sure that he could have excelled also in this race that our team won in 1989 with the Australian Eddy Salas. Anyway, the decision taken to suspend all the races scheduled in Italy as a precaution, finds us totally agree, because health and love for life (as we have written on our jerseys), must be always the most important thing for every human being “ explains Cristian Fanini, team manager of AMORE E VITA | PRODIR. And he adds: “Risking to get sick doesn’t make sense, so until the situation is at least stabilized our team will not compete as the most of the other teams in the world. It is clear that it’s kind of weird to see monumental events such as Tirreno Adriatico and Milan – Sanremo, canceled, I say this as a cycling lover, but there are no alternative solutions. In addition to Larciano, our athletes will skip Coppi and Bartali and the Giro di Sicilia which is a race we were particularly aiming for, and for which we hope that RCS organization will somehow find an alternative date. However, as far as we are concerned, if things improve on March 21st we will take part in the GP Slovenian Istrian and on March 29th at the GP Adria Mobil. But everything will depend on how things develop in the upcoming days, because we don’t want to make our athletes and our staff take any risk. As for Tizza’s call-up to the national team, I want to conclude by saying that it was truly deserved, but if he continues to ride on these levels, he will surely have many other opportunities to wear the blue jersey again in the future (after the 2019 experiences in Larciano, Tour of the Alps and Coppa Agostoni) “.