The first race block of this early 2020 went into the archive, and if not in the best way, just a very few was missing.
A&V | P, achieved two excellent  top 10 results in UCI Pro Series races such as the Vuelta San Juan (7th place for Davide Appollonio) and Trofeo Laigueglia Trophy (8th place for Marco Tizza).
And then, also results in the top 15 of the Latvian Maris Bogdanovics, both at the Vuelta San Juan and at the Tour Colombia 2.1 are definitelly worthy.

Even bad luck, however, did its part. Because without too many crashes, it would probably have been possible to write a somewhat different story.
In any case, the first important steps have been taken on the right foot, and this means that we look at the glass far beyond being half full.
The results obtained are the result of preparation, commitment, determination and even courage, as demonstrated by the performances of the young climbers Riccardo Marchesini and Antonio Zullo, always at attack in the day’s breakaways.
In the end all the athletes directed by Starchyk, Giorgini and Zamparella have been able to showcase their potential in these amazing events which had a very high technical profile and most all, had the presence of undisputed champions, such as Bernal, Alaphilippe, Sagan, Carapaz, Uran, Evenepoel , Higuita, Ciccone, Aru, Gaviria and many others.

If in Argentina and Colombia an Appollonio would have fought for the victory if it wasn’t for the bad crashes, at Trofeo Laigueglia, Marco Tizza, who was one of the strongest and main protagonists of the day, literally made all his fans dream until less than 10 km to go. Since if he just didn’t have cramps in those last few meters of ascent, he would have had a lot of chances to fight for the victory, and maybe rewrite a name of an athlete of the Fanini team after 31 years (it would have been the third after Cimini and Gavazzi) in the gold register of Trofeo Laigueglia.

However, all in all, the satisfactions reached in these first 13 important racing days (in two continents), have been extremely substantial and gave meaning to the great work of the whole team.
In addition, performances of this kind give the right morale to aim for the next appointments, which will always be of the highest level, with great conviction, determination, enthusiasm and above all transmit to the team’s athletes the necessary self-esteem which is in fact essential if you want to compete on certain “stages” with the appropriate mentality and not just to make a simple appearance.

“We are satisfied with how these first prestigious races went – explains team manager Cristian Fanini – first of all I want to thank the champion Claudio Chiappucci for being our guest in Colombia. Our athletes could not have asked for a better racing teacher and mentor, and we hope that he will return to our side soon. Having said that, I want to make a loud applause to all our athletes and staff. They were real professionals and even when there were difficulties (as everyone else does), they were able to react with the right attitude. The results have been very good and now with a little rest waiting for us, and other days of good training, we are sure to return to compete at even higher levels. ”

16-02-2020 Trofeo Laigueglia; 2020, Arkea – Samsic; 2020, Amore E Vita; Ledanois, Kevin; Tizza, Marco; Rosa, Diego; Quintana Rojas, Dayer Uberney; Colla Micheri;


Colombia: El Diablo, Claudio chiappucci with Riccardo Marchesini, the D.S. Marco Zamparella and with the winner of the last Tour of Italy Richard Carapaz


Evenepoel with Zullo

With Peter Sagan

16-02-2020 Trofeo Laigueglia; 2020, Amore E Vita; Tizza, Marco; Laigueglia;