A&V – PRODIR: all is ready for Almaty

And also this year (for the 3rd consecutive season) Amore & Vita – Prodir will be present at the Tour of Almaty in Kazakhstan, a short stage race of the UCI Asia Tour and scored 2.1. The race will be held from August 30th to 31st and for this event in the A&V “family” the morale can only be high, given the recent successes achieved in Portugal and the considerable series of prestigious placings from the end of May to today. Period in which the team has never left the top 10 and top 15 of every competition in which it took part.
In Almaty we return to racing after a brief moment of well-deserved stop after three very intense months and rich satisfaction. The top athletes went to train and get ready in high altitude, so to recover better and get into the best shape possible for this top-level event.

There will be two stages in the program, but both will be considered very demanding in terms of altitude. Among the 21 teams at the start there will cbe the World Tour team ASTANA, in addition to 4 Professional teams, 3 national teams and 13 Continentals including Amore & Vita – Prodir, which is certainly one of the most awaited even with a view to improving the 3rd place achieved in the last edition (in the first stage and in the general classification) by Pierpaolo Ficara.

«We will try to change the result of 2018 for the better, trying to increase it – explains TM Cristian Fanini – last year Ficara got so close to winning the GC, but every race has its own story, so we will ride with the intention of optimizing every single factor. Pierpaolo appears great condition, just like Celano. Personally, I have invested so much trust in them and this year, even though they both achieved very good results, they are still looking for the victory that would be really deserved. So I expect a good test of character from both, given that the technical and athletic qualities, as well as the physical condition, are absolutely not in question. Then there will still be Appollonio and even if on paper the stages do not seem really idyllic due to its characteristics, I tell everyone not to underestimate his at all, because someone like him is always dangerous».

In addition to Ficara, Celano and Appollonio, the Latvian Luksevics, Ansons, Sergis and Pelcers will be lined up at the start.