A&V | Prodir: Ready for Sibiu Cycling Tour

Here we go, again. Ready for a new important challenge after the hard times that all mankind have had to face due to Coronavirus.

la squadra ciclistica di amore e vita pronta per le gare del sibiu cycling tour

Sibiu Cycling Tour is the reopening of the season, the first official UCI race and all the world of cycling is watching it even to understand how the situation will develop and move forward.

Amore & Vita – Prodir have indeed already opened the season in Lituhania, with the amazing victory of Maris Bogdanovics, but this is actually a special moment because Sibiu is the first official event held by UCI after lockdown and this moment will remain in cycling history especially because of this reason.

During lockdown we were the most victorious team of virtual racing, then we achieved a good epic victory with Bogdanovics in the very first race after Coronavirus – explains Cristian Fanini – However, now this is another story, it’s kind of weird because no one can predict what will be and drawbacks can be a lot. From our side, we’ve followed all the protocols for Covid19 and we are taking extreme measures to guarantee our riders the maximum safety to protect their health. The will and desire to go back racing and give everything we have on the bike it’s huge, so, regardless from the problems that are going on in Romania during these last days, we’ll be at the start of the race taking care of every detail in order to keep safe. Last year at Sibiu we won the queen stage with Marco Tizza and we look forward to achieve something important also this time and accomplish our desire of victory after the tremendous times we had to go through”.

“Lined up at the start there will be six Italian riders: Davide Appollonio, Marco Tizza, Riccardo Marchesini,  Antonio Zullo, Charly Petelin e Andrea Meucci. Marco Zamparella will be the Sports director.

hile in Italy we look forward to the restart of cycling (in August), Eastern Europe reopens to sport and the first cycling competition in Europe, held in Lithuania, is won by the athlete of AMORE & VITA – PRODIR, Maris Bogdanovics.
After the lockdown in his country, the strong Latvian sprinter, he was able to go to Lithuania to take part at the Sakiai Tour, and he imposed himself with great a

la squadra ciclistica di amore e vita pronta per le gare del sibiu cycling tour