Everything is ready for Le Tour de Provence

Another very prestigious stage race for team Amore & Vita - Prodir.

Another very prestigious stage race for team Amore & Vita – Prodir.

After the conclusion of Etoile de Bessege a selection of the team has remained in France to take part at Tour de la Provence, UCI 2.1 (from tomorrow to Sunday February 17th live on Eurosport). A huge new challenge for the athletes directed by Starchyk and Marchetti, who are called to show their pride after the excellent start of the season in Spain and the performance worthy of note, albeit below expectations.

The team is going through a good condition, so the riders will have to show their value against the best World Tour Teams that will be at the start” explains former Ukrainian champion Vlady Starchyk.

The young Moncassin has impressed everyone for his seriousness and talent, but in Bessege has committed some tactical mistakes due to the lack of experience in big races and has paid hard for them. But we don’t do drama, everything is under our control so far, and we are respecting the timing to reach our goals totally. It ‘clear that we always start to do well, so even on this occasion we would give 110% every single day. Such as so important challenges don’t scare us, rather they give us enthusiasm and determination. Therefore we are aware of our value, we continue focused, motivated and certain to collect even at this stage great satisfactions “.

At the start of the French competition there will be: Danilo Celano (ITA), Max Moncassin (FRA), Iltjan Nika (ALB), Viesturs Luksevics (LAT) Kaspars Sergis (LAT), and Erik Toms Gavars (LAT).