In France for a result

The athletes directed by Roberto Marchetti are looking for a success in the Paris – Troyes.

The athletes directed by Roberto Marchetti are looking for a success in the Paris – Troyes. The team’s leader Marco Tizza: << I’m fine and I will compete with the goal of winning >>.

In a few hours the 61st edition of Paris – Troyes will take place in France. The race will have a course of 190 km composed of a first part in line of about 50 km, to then develop on a circuit of 18 km, with inside the two climbs: Cotè de l’Escargot and Cotè de la Macey, to be repeated for eight times.

<< I know this race well – explains the d.s. Marchetti – The circuit is very technical with different sectors in pavè and above all there is not a meter of flat. It will seem to be on a roller-coaster. We’ll have to be focused and tactically perfect, because we should constantly ride ahead to stay away from dangerous conditions>>.

Therefore Amore & Vita – Prodir looks to this event with great optimism and determination also to cancel the disappointment of 7 days ago in Belgium, where the goal was a success but due to bad weather the race was suspended and canceled.

<< We also had ambitions of victory at the GP Monserè but the climatic conditions were really extreme and for the safety of the athletes, it was right to stop. I’s a pity for the wasted opportunity, but better this way than finding yourself with an athlete or more in the hospital. So it’s all about this race where we can have excellent chances with different athletes and we start with the awareness of fighting for at least a place on the podium >> concludes the Swiss manager Marchetti.

Lined up at the start of the Paris-Troyes there will be: Maxence Moncassin (FRA), Jan Freuler (SUI), Viesturs Luksevics (LAT), Deins Kanepejs (LAT), Federico Vivas (ARG), Andrea Meucci (ITA) and Marco Tizza (ITA ).

Tizza will be the leader for this competition: << My dream this year is to win in Italy. But winning is always important and difficult, anywhere in the world. So if I could catch a success in France it would be really great for me and for all my team Amore & Vita – Prodir. At GP Larciano I did a good performance but not as much as I would have liked, anyway, my condition is getting better and I’m working very hard, preparing to be at the top for Coppi and Bartali and for Giro di Sicilia. But to be able to achieve the maximum in those events you need races like this Paris – Troyes. I’m fine and focused, therefore I will ride to achieve the maximum result >> Tizza exclaims with firmness.