MONCASSIN’s LEGACY | The young French sprinter is the son of the former Tour de France yellow jersey holder Frederic Moncassin.

In 2018 he was trainee for professional team Wilier and won the Essor Basque

After the return of Danilo Celano and the confirmation of Pierpaolo Ficara, another interesting name comes to definitely enhance the 2019 roster of Team Amore & Vita – Prodir: it’s time now to announce the 21 years old French Maxence Moncassin, who will reinforce the team especially for sprints.

His father Frederic was one of the strongest sprinters in the world in the 90s, winning among others, also several stages in the Tour de France in front of champions such as Cipollini, Zabel, Abdujaparov; and also wearing the Yellow and the Green jersey multiple times. In short, a true champion who after retirement became a technical commissioner of the French national team until 2008.

Maxence, as it was meant to be, has the cycling inside the DNA and would like to retrace the glorious deeds of his father. Among the under23 he took many important successes and in 2018 imposed his incredible speed and strength by winning in one of the most prestigious races on the French U23 calendar, the Essor Basque, beating all with a brutal rush in the final meters just like his dad was used to do during its golden age.

He was also a trainee for the professional team Wilier, on the second part of the 2018 season, putting himself in the spotlight even though he obviously was at the complete service of team’s leader Jakub Marezko.

«We are very proud to have this young promise of undisputed talent in our new squadcommented G.M. Cristian Fanini – he will definitely be a very important reinforcement for sprints, but not only, since Maxence is an extremely combative athlete who likes to attack and not wait exclusively the group sprints. In 2019 he will be mainly focused on the French calendar, where our team is always very present, but we will also wait him anxiously for the Italian commitments too, confident in its technical qualities and potential. I’m very sure that this kid will bring to the team so many satisfactions very soon».